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Mold FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: We’ve been in the business since 1999, though all of our expertise in Attic and crawlspece mold remediation business dates far beyond that.

Q: How much experience do you have?

A: Since our inception we have treated literally hundreds of crawlspaces and attics!

Q: How do you apply the treatment?

A: We use professional battery-operated sprayers to apply an even coat of our patented mold/mildew stain
remover to the wood surface of your attic. If necessary we then work the stain remover in by brushing. By spraying the mold/mildew stain remover on, we can pre-treat areas that can’t be reached by brush. The friction provided by brushing opens up the grain allowing the formula to penetrate deeper into the wood.

Q: Do you have insurance?

A: We carry Full Workers Comp. Insurance on all of our employees and a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy.

Q: Who will be working on my job?

A: Only Mold Level Corporation trained employees are allowed to work on our job-sites. We never use sub- contractors; many companies try to get around insurance and tax laws by hiring day laborers or by sub- contracting the work out. We don’t!

Q: Why do I need the Attic Mold Removal System?

A: It’s estimated that 50% of all homes in the United States have mold. The mistake homeowners and make is not addressing the problem until its time to sale the house, allowing mold/mildew to build-up over time (Become thick and unsightly).

Unlike most mold treatments which removes the top surface of the mold plant, we saturate the wood with our mold remediation products to kill the spores all the way down to the root hidden within the grain of the wood.

Q: Will the mold return after treatment?

A: No, our 4-step mold remediation process kills the existing mold plant. Then, Your entire attic will be fogged with our non-toxic, biodegradable, and fast-acting liquid salt formula. Salt dehydrates mold – much like it would your house plants – and what is mold but a really small plant?

Q: How long will my project take?

A: Our 4-Step Process takes two separate days. We will have one cleaning day when the mold removal process is done. After allowing the wood to dry properly for one day the team will return, Your entire attic space will be fogged with our non-toxic, biodegradable, and fast-acting “Liquid Salt” formula, which is specially designed to KEEP MOLD OUT! Some large jobs may take longer.

Q: Do you guarantee your work?

A: Yes. Our 4-Step Process comes with a five-year warranty.

Q: What is expected of the homeowner?

A: We will need access to the attic panel. We will also need the work area (attic) cleared of storage items (Boxes, supplies etc.)

Q: Are your products safe?

A: Our solution consist of a measure of Chlorine (5% Bleach) and 95% salt. The Chlorine component can be overwhelming for some. Chlorine may indirectly contribute to allergies by irritating and sensitizing the respiratory tract. If you are chemically sensitive to chorine please allow 4-6 hours before reentering the premises. Furthermore, after years of experimenting with many different brands of Mildewcide and antimicrobial solutions and finding none of them measure up to our standards. We have taken the steps to develop our own line of mildewcide and anti-microbial solutions.

Our penetrating mold/mildew stain remover is a two-step process consisting of “salts” that penetrate deep into the wood fiber insuring that the mold/mildew is gone forever.

Q: Can you fix other attic ventilation issues?

A: Yes, as a service to our customers we can do simple repairs;
-Bath exhaust fans
-(Replacing or repairing Attic fans)
-Unblocking soffit vents
-Removal of insulation

Please discuss any needs for repair in advance with our representative and we will be able to advise you on what can and should be done.

Q: Why should we choose your company?

A: In a word, service. We feel confident that the combinations of our time tested 4-step process along with the professional products we use go unmatched in the industry. However it is our level of service and commitment we provide to our customers that we are most proud of. You don’t survive in this economy for over 17 years if you don’t put your customers first.


If you have any more questions that are not listed here or would like further information about our products, processes, or services please feel free to call or email us at 855-702-8842